Infinity Fiesta Online
  • Advanced and Fast Development

    New patches and updates are constantly being rolled out, there will never be a lack of content!

  • Community Orientated

    We’ve a community driven server. We contantly have over 200 players online! You'll find your place here!

  • Wide Variety Of Features

    We're offering features that no other server has. Features like REF System, PVP Eden Server and other!

  • Quick and Helpful Support

    Our server is the only server offering live support, we will help to fix all game related problems!

Epic Adventures Awaits

Cutting edge experience is guaranteed

Bring your friends, teammates, and enjoy Infinity Fiesta with them

Why should you join us? We have a simple answer for you! Well.... A few answers actually! First of all Infinity Fiesta Online has been online since 2013, so we are are quite mature and experienced server! Also, we are continuously updating the game, so it would never get boring! We also have a huge variety of custom content, maps and mobs!

We have a large and helpful community. At Infinity Fiesta it doesn't matter if you're a freshly baked Fiesta or an experienced player, all the information and help you need can be found in our forums. Enjoy the Game.

Server news and information!

What have happened, what is happening and what's to come - find out now!

More reasons to join Infinity Fiesta


We are shaping our fantasy world like no other server is, so you can visit places, that are only available in our custom and updated Isya World!


Be careful, in those maps, you'll find new bosses and enemies to fight! If you like challenges - those creatures will definitely be challanging and fun to deal with!


But there's nothing to fear! With wide variety of custom items, you will definitely defeat all the terrying creatures! Search for more information on our forums

About Infinity Fiesta Online

A rough list of the features and some other information bits

Lots of new features

We're the only ones who are offering features like:

  • PVP Eden
  • REF Item Mall
  • Bugs-Free Servers
Highly customized servers

There are tons of new and never seen things in game like:

  • Custom Items, Maps, Mobs, Skills
  • Completely new KQs, Instances and other!
  • And much more!
Servers Specifications

Some important information you should know about Infinity Fiesta Online servers:

  • 200+ Daily players
  • 148th Level cap
  • x500 Exp rate (Bonus EXP with a full party)
  • x200 Drop rate
Fixed bugs

We are working hard to provide the best experience for our players, so we are constatly checking for bugs or glitches and fix them as soon as possible!

  • We have no glitched jewels, gears or weapons!
  • We have the famous gem bug fixed
Other informaton

Some more information we think is important for our players:

  • Our staff team is always* active, so we can provide ingame help
  • You can also reach us on our Skype

*We don't guarantee 24/7 support, we reply as soon as we can