Welcome to Infinity Fiesta

Infinity Fiesta Online is one of the most popular Fiesta Online private servers with an average of 200 players every day! Scroll down to find out more about the server and our community! Or just simply click Register button bellow!

Why should you join us?

We have a simple answer for you! Well.... A few answers actually! First of all Infinity Fiesta Online has been online since 2013, so we are are quite mature and experienced server! Also, we are continuously updating the game, so it would never get boring! We also have a huge variety of custom content, maps and mobs!

What are we offering?

  • Custom KQs

    New and custom KQs and other maps!
  • Custom bosses

    New bosses and other custom mobs!
  • Custom items

    We are offering a huge variety of custom items!
  • Experience

    Our staff team is very experienced and friendly
  • Community

    Our community is one of the largest out there!
  • 140 Level cap

    Yuppp, really! What else is there to say? ;)

Feeling convinced?

Don't wait - join us now!
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How to play

  • Register an account (Click here!)
  • Download our client (Click here!)
  • Install Infinity Fiesta Online
  • Patch your game to the latest version
  • Login and play Infinity Fiesta!
  • For support and help visit our forums (Click here!)

Preview our server

In the trailer of Infinity Fiesta Online you can preview our newest items, maps, bosses and other features that we've recently launched!

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